Our recipe for the famous Daiquiri Cocktail, reviewed by our expert in mixiology !


Why not fly to the Caribbean Islands and enjoy this Cuban cocktail, which can be declined according to desires ?

Our Mixology expert will amaze by revisiting the best classic cocktails ! At Le Jardin Malanga, in Guadeloupe, we create cocktails for you in prder to blend flavours. A true journey of original flavors.

Today, our expert unveils his recipe for the famous Daiquiri cocktail.

By the way, several legends are appropiating the creation of this cocktail. The most famous explains that at the beginning of the 20th century, an engineer named Pagliuchi visited an iron mine in Daiquiri, in eastern Cuba. He is received by an American engineer. After the visit, the American would have liked to offer his guest a drink but he had only rum, sugar and lemons in store… ! The Daiquiri would have been born like that.

Did you know ? The Cuban cocktail is so famous that is now has its own day : the 19th of July is officially Word Daiquiri Day !

Don’t wait and take your shaker !

Ingredients :

  • 4cl white rum
  • 2cl lime juice
  • 1cl cane sugar syrup


Preparation :

Fill half a shaker with ice.

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker.

Shake it all and pour it in a Martini glass.

Many variations are possible but our favorite is the Mango version, with mango freshly picked from the garden. The trick to this variation is to add 1.5 cl of mango purée.

Other versions are also delicious, one sweeter and Creole, the other more traditional :

  • A Banana version with two banana slices to add. It is better to mix and not to shake to get a smoother texture.
  • A Frenchy version with 2cl of orange liqueur and 1.5cl of orange juice to add.

Up to you to choose you favorite version or to find yours to impress your guests…

The advise of our Expert at Le Jardin Malanga : be careful not to test too many versions and to drink responsibly !

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