DIY : make your own summer body oil

Made to beautify your tan, this recipe made from carrot and argan oil
only takes 3 minutes to make.












• 1 bowl and 1 whisk for mixing
• 1 empty vial for your scintillating oil

• 20 ml of carrot oil. Rich in vitamin 1, carrot
oil softens, regenerates and sooths. It
hydrates the hair while giving it shine and a
natural glow.
• 20 ml of argan oil. Using pure argan
oil twice a day is an essential anti-aging
treatment. It also prevents split ends.
• 1 teaspoon of bronze mica
• Natural mineral pigment to add color to
your cosmetics

Mix the argan oil with the carrot oil. Next add the mica until your mixture is uniform. Pour it into the empty and clean vial. Shelf life: 6 months.

Shake well before each use and apply to wet skin after the shower. Warm up the product between your hands and then massage into your skin. Store in a cool, dark place, and vial must be air-tight. You can also add an antioxidant like vitamin E.

Why you should use natural products

Short lists of ingredients that you can actually understand.
Encrypting and understanding the ingredients of your day cream or shampoo requires a certain amount of knowledge… and we don’t all have PhDs in pharmacology. With natural products, everything is simple: no preservatives or dyes. We can get everything we need from the plants themselves.



To treat the skin and hair with respect
Most “standard” cosmetics contain chemical substances that progressively damage the skin after years of use. On the other hand, natural cosmetics are made of 90% natural ingredients. Their effects are known and so there’s
zero risk. They act gently to nourish and clean the skin and hair because they are free of harmful and dangerous products.



A (good) deed for the planet
Think of the future generations! The ingredients used are biodegradable and do not pollute the earth. In addition to the new brands available in the niche market, most wellknown
brands are now trying to limit the use of plastic packaging or offer products in bulk to limit waste.




Quality you can feel
The trend to “go green” has also spread to the perfume industry. Natural perfumes are made only of natural ingredients, leaving behind a fragrance that is both light and authentic. They are stripped of synthetic ingredients, and are produced with organic alcohol made from the fermentation of wheat and essential oils.



Widely accessible
Over the years, these products have become more accessible. We can now find them in major stores, drug stores or even in small local businesses. You can even make your own beauty products (On Feb. 13th, will be poublished a DYI for you to make your own oil !)

Everything you need to know about banana !

Bananas are good for mental and physical health, and they provide energy… but they also contribute largely to the island’s economy! Focus on a fruit of many virtues.


The banana was brought to Martinique by the Portuguese in the 16th century. But it was of little importance in Guadeloupe until the 20th century. In 1928, a cyclone ravaged the coffee and cocoa plantations. That is when the first banana trees were planted, but it was in the sixties that banana production developed significantly.

Distinctive features

The banana “tree” is in fact a giant herbaceous plant. Once plant – ed, the young banana plant takes nine months to reach full fruit-producing maturity. When it does, the banana flower, or “popotte” emerges, followed by a bunch of bananas which will be picked nine weeks later. In the meantime, biodegradable plastic bags are used to protect the bananas from birds and insects. The fruit becomes ripe for consumption three to four weeks after being harvested.


Bananas are used in numerous West Indian dishes, such as chicken colombo (plantain) and pâtés, or incorporat – ed into cheese-topped dishes cooked in the oven, made into crisps or Spanish-style fritters, or even blended into cocktails.

Organic cultivation

Nowadays, banana growers are taking care to limit the use of pesticides. More and more, they are committing to organic and sustainable methods. Good to know: banana skins make an excellent fertilizer.

Faustine François

The cooks feast

Arrivée des cuisinières à la cathédrale
Arrival of the cooks at the mass to bless their foods

One day at the deep of the Creole traditions

Each year, on the 10 of August, the ladies take over the power in Guadeloupe highlighting the rich culture and tradition of the islanders.  Fans of food will mostly remember the delicious dishes, all those local specialties with flavors that will ignite your nostrils, awake you bud taste and open your appetite like no others.

L'association des Cuisinières de Guadeloupe
The cook  association Guadeloupe

The Cook feast is more than just that.

From Generation to generation, the cook ladies cultivate the spirit of the Tradition in a fraternal way, as a reminder of the essence of this movement. This association counts over 200 female chefs, from 14 to 97 years old who proudly show off their islander identity wearing their traditional costumes which are famous for their bright colors and delicately knotted hats that they wear with elegance and certainty.

For over a century, this tradition comes alive every year since the source of this popular movement on the 14 of July 1916.

Beginning of last century, a maid loses her husband and barely can find enough money to bury her lost husband. The word goes around and earing the story of this widow ‘s situation, 5 ladies decides to find a way to help her. They start to collect from one maid to another and soon, a new saying comes to town: the « Cuistot Mutuel » (mutuality chef). This became the first mutual funds organization in Guadeloupe. This guarantee to its members to have a decent burial upon their death. Since then, the Ladies’ cook carry on this tradition and offers their services at funerals.

Messe des Cuisinières à Pointe à pitre
The ladies Chef mass in Pointe à pitre

The true watchdog of the tradition

Over the years, these ladies have built a strong association defending with pride the culinary tradition of the islands along with the traditional costumes and ceremonial rites in Guadeloupe. True watch dog of the Guadeloupean culture, this ladies wear with pride their handmade traditional costumes, easily noticeable by the hand stitched apron with the effigy of St Laurent, their saint.

Some would say you have to have a certain does of humor to use St Laurent as your patron saint.

Father Laurent de Rome was condemned to be burn live because he refused to give away to Rome the treasures of the church to feed the army of the empire. The legend says that his last words were:

« Here we go, miserable soul, now that you have grilled one side of me; turn it over then eat. »

…and there he becomes the Patron saint of the chefs, cook and the meat grillers!

Portrait de femmes remarquables: les Cuisinières de Guadeloupe
Portrait of remarkable women

La procession : time to share and joy for all

After the mass, the ladies Chefs meet at the entrance of the cathedral in their traditional colored costumes. Lining up to start the procession, the chefs carry various local dishes, baskets filled with local fruits and vegetables, kitchen utensils and other local delicacies. The president and her assistants announce the beginning of the festivities by shaking a serenade of bells and start the march. At each street corner, they announce their presence and give away the best meals along the procession. They will go all over cross town singing along the way at the rhythm of the Gwo Ka and sharing with the locals, including some amazing cakes and sweets!

Clochette de la présidente de l'association
Clochette de la présidente de l’association
Défilé des Cuisinières après la messe
Défilé des Cuisinières après la messe
Les futures codons bleu de l'association des Cuisinières
Les futures cordons bleus de l’association des Cuisinières

Then, it is time to all meet for the outdoor food festival. The ladies Chef (Cordon Bleu) will make you taste their specialties and creativity of their unique artistic skills (there is a charge for lunch) One of the best gastronomic experience in the island! later on, music will take over and dancing through the night will be the ultimate finale.