DIY : make your own summer body oil

Made to beautify your tan, this recipe made from carrot and argan oil
only takes 3 minutes to make.












• 1 bowl and 1 whisk for mixing
• 1 empty vial for your scintillating oil

• 20 ml of carrot oil. Rich in vitamin 1, carrot
oil softens, regenerates and sooths. It
hydrates the hair while giving it shine and a
natural glow.
• 20 ml of argan oil. Using pure argan
oil twice a day is an essential anti-aging
treatment. It also prevents split ends.
• 1 teaspoon of bronze mica
• Natural mineral pigment to add color to
your cosmetics

Mix the argan oil with the carrot oil. Next add the mica until your mixture is uniform. Pour it into the empty and clean vial. Shelf life: 6 months.

Shake well before each use and apply to wet skin after the shower. Warm up the product between your hands and then massage into your skin. Store in a cool, dark place, and vial must be air-tight. You can also add an antioxidant like vitamin E.

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